In Rotation 5/26

What I’ve been listening to this week:


Ka – Honor Killed The Samurai (2016)

Ka is becoming one of my favorite emcees from New York City. His songs feel like war stories. His timing with each bar is hauntingly impeccable. And his post-apocalyptic production is chilling. This one isn’t for everybody; go into this with open ears.


Chante Moore – A Love Supreme (1994)

This one is a throwback. I’ve known about Chante Moore, but I never checked out her music. After listening to “Wey U” from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack, I had to find more music from her.


Casiopea – Flowers (1996)

Casiopea are jazz fusion legends who hail from Japan. I recently discovered how prolific this band was after getting a hold of their discography. At the moment, I am listening to their 1996 album Flowers. Mystic Lie, the standout track, is a work of the gods. It sounds like the final stage for a video game with its revved up, epic guitars and sweeping keys.