Double Take: Curbside Jones x DigsBot – Been Wolf

Over the years, Curbside Jones has built himself up as Austin, TX’s best kept secret, providing the music scene with thought-provoking album concepts, off-kilter production and dynamic raps. It’s been two years since his last solo album, Digital Boogie Man. In between this long stretch, he provided fans with a car-rocking beat tape about black pride, DBM acapellas for producers to remix and a loose single called SHEEP SZN. Calculated as ever, he returns with Been Wolf, the first single from his upcoming EP, Wolves’ Clothing.

Here on Double Take, I’m joined by Comic Book Underground writer, Vince London. This will become a weekly segment where we both give our thoughts on the latest music from independent artists.

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Curbside Jones continues to push the envelope with his latest animated music video, Been Wolf. It’s a clever video where Curbside reverses the roles between wolf and sheep, offering a progressive spin on the hunter versus the hunted. The video follows a sheep who wants to step foot in the world of wolves. A world filled with fancy cars, beautiful female “sheeple”, and expensive clothes. He’s tired of being the one hunted so he attempts to portray the hunter. Chicago-based animator Digsbot is the mastermind behind this fun music video. Between the subtleties in the cartooning and Curbside Jones’ in-your-face style of music, it is the best music video we’ve seen in quite some time. It reminds us of a time when they were fun to watch, and when directors, like Hype Williams, were leading the front in visuals. We’re excited to hear the full version of Wolves Clothing EP next week via Artistic Manifesto. Hopefully, it will give us something fresh to play through our auxiliary cables. We expect nothing less from Curbside Jones because he is known for his unique music drops.

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“What you gon’ do when these wolves come through? Hiding in plain sight, they coming for you.”

Curbside Jones brings another futuristic blap to the table with Been Wolf. It’s introspective and both the song and video symbolize being a “sheep in wolves’ clothing”. Lines like “Didn’t shed a tear, outta fear of being a sheep,” reveals how it feels to be a wolf; You have to be callous and dominant to make it in this world. Towards the end of the video, we see the sheep entering a thrift store for some hand-me-down “wolves’ clothing.” From here we can only speculate if he’ll become what he despises, or use this new identity to serve a greater purpose. Been Wolf sounds more stripped down than his previous work. Luckily for old fans, the nuances in his production and rapping remains intact. Digsbot’s quirky animation style fits well with the music, too, and I hope both creators continue building great art together in the future.

Wolves’ Clothing releases on July 24th. Follow @CurbsideJones and visit for more info.